4wd High Lift Jack

High Lift Jacks are a very important accessory to have in your 4wd. Not only are they essential for jacking up your car off road but can also be used as a piece of recovery equipment such as a winch. They are also known as Kangaroo jack or wallaby jack. With a high lift jack it is possible for a 4wd user to lift the 4wd off a rock or stump, out of soft sand or enable you to winch yourself out when there is no other option available.

The benefits of a High lift jack:

When you are 4wding, majority of the time the ground is uneven and using a standard jack can be quite hazards and most of the time rendered useless. While a high lift jack is not very stable and shouldn’t be used to change your tyres by itself, it is a very handy accessory for every 4wd. With the use of a high lift jack you may be able to lift your 4wd off a rock or stump that you are caught on enabling you to push the 4wd over or to the side without doing more damage to your 4wd.

Your high lift jack can also be used as a winch when you have no other option left. Refer to your high lift jack for specific instructions, but you will be able to connect a chain or a snatch strap to either side of the high lift jack and ratchet it as though you are jacking up your 4wd. It is nothing compared to an electric 12,000lbs winch and you will have to readjust your high lift jack fairly regularly but when all else fails this is better than nothing.

Another option is when your 4wd is bogged, the high lift jack will, in most cases, enable you to get your 4wd high enough to get something underneath the wheel to help get you out.

The problem…with most 4wd’s these days a mounting point for your high lift jack could be an issue – the solution: there are a number of attachments you are able to get which will enable you to attach your high lift jack to your 4wd. There is an attachment which will hook onto your wheels and is extremely handy when your 4wd’s wheel is below the surface of the ground. There is also an attachment to hook onto your steel bulbar, or some bars have an attachment that will enable you to hook it onto. Also a base plate is important if you are going to be jacking your car up on soft ground otherwise the jack will go down and the car will stay still!


You will be able to get yourself a good high lift jack for under $200. There are a few options available so check them out and even ask your 4wd specialist which would be more suitable for your 4wd. Also make sure you are able to attach your high lift jack to your 4wd, you may need to buy another attachment to make this possible.

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