4wd Coil Spacers

4wd-track-4wd Coil Spacers

Caption: Tough Dog Spacer

Coil spacers are a cheap way of getting extra lift in your 4wd without spending a fortune. One of the benefits of coil spacers over a body lift is the coil spacers will raise the chassis as well as the cab giving you greater clearance and possibly less modifications are needed to fit them. They are mounted above the strut or placed on top of the spring itself so unless you have long travel shocks you may lose some of your articulation. With a strut front end vehicle, coil spacers are another way of getting the extra lift as they are limited compared to the standard diff setup. The only modifications you may be required to do are adjustable panhard rods, depending on your existing setup, and extending your brake lines. The beauty of coil spacers is they are relatively easy to install and remove if necessary. Coil spacers are by no means a replacement for a suspension lift but might provide you with enough life to do what you want.

Types of Spacers

Probably most of the spacers will be made of a urethane and just sit on top of your springs, however, snake racing has spacers made from an alloy and bolt in place of the strut which the strut then bolts to.


Prices will vary and you may be able to pick up a cheap set under $100 and they’ll go up to around the $200 mark for the alloy strut spacers depending on your vehicle. Most prices will be for a pair so if you are planning on putting them on all four you will need two sets.

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