Lift Kits

Installing a lift kit has some great advantages, not only will your 4x4 look tougher but will also be able to tackle tougher terrain, overcome more obstacles, take you where you’ve always wanted to go and can help you sustain less damage to your 4x4. More clearance is something every 4wder is looking for and the best way to get it is by installing a lift kit. A lift kit will enable you to get bigger tyres under your guards which are beneficial for getting your diffs away from the ground. Your 4wd won’t go far if the diffs bottomed out on solid ground. Another great advantage of a lift kit is the ability to go over the top of a hill or incline when there is a high centre and enable you to clear it without bottoming out. Articulation is one thing that never goes astray when tackling those deep ruts. The higher your 4wd is the greater the flex you will have, the more flex you have the deeper the ruts, the deeper the ruts the harder terrain, the harder terrain the more fun you will have, the more fun you have most likely the more damage you will do but who are we kidding, as if you weren’t going to try anyway.

Things to be aware of

Firstly, how high can you legally go? In Qld the regulations states that ‘the rebound travel measured between the rubber rebound stop and the corresponding metal stop (or the extension of the shock absorber for vehicles without a rebound stop) may be reduced by no more than one third). This can be a bit hard to measure but in most cases you shouldn’t have a problem with a 2” lift. If you have a winch bar or are looking at getting a winch bar look at getting heavy duty springs in the front to compensate for the extra weight, discuss this with the place you are looking at getting the bar from.

Is there anything else I need to do?

In most cases if you are only lifting by 2” you can get away with everything standard. If you are planning on going any higher you may need to do a few more things like,

Extend your brake lines

Make sure when you lift your 4wd the brake lines are not going to be damaged or stretched. Always remember you have to allow for articulation when off road to, so if they are already close to maxing out you may want to extend them. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Diff breathers

If you have them, sometimes are forgotten about. Not as important as brake lines but are definitely worth doing.

Steering column

You may need to extend your steering column. Don’t worry it isn’t hard. In some cases you will have enough adjustment in your shaft to allow for the extra lift, if not you can purchase a steering shaft extension which is fairly easy to install.

Castor bushes or plates

When you lift your 4wd the axils will begin to tilt forward due to the nature of the suspension lift. This will cause you some major dramas when you are attempting to drive in a straight line and will also affect the weight of your steering. They are simple to install and you will need them if you are attempting the suspension lift by yourself, most of the time you will be fine below 3” and if you buy a complete lift kit they should provide them for you. There will be different degrees of castor adjustment needed depending on the size lift you install.

Which Brand should I Buy?

Well I don’t want to criticize any brand but for a cheaper decent brand ironman has some great products with great reviews. At the top end of the line probably Tough dog or Rancho would be the way to go. Look for something that will meet your budget and needs, if you are planning to do the cape, I’d probably recommend saving a bit more to get a heavier duty suspension that will last the trip and will still be in good enough condition for when you arrive home again.

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