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We all love 4wding but doing damage to our 4wd’s is not something we all enjoy and can be quite expensive. Rock sliders are designed to protect your 4wd from any rocks, logs and other obstacles which may cause damage to your 4wd sills and in some cases the side of your 4wd. You must be aware that there is a difference between rock sliders and side steps. Side steps will provide you with some protection from sticks and small objects that may hit your 4wd sills but will not provide the same amount of protection as rock sliders which are designed to handle a good knock and in some cases allow you to slide over rocks without damaging your 4wd, hence the name rock sliders. It is important, if your finances allow, you invest in a good quality set of rock sliders as these will save you money in the long run, otherwise when you need the rock sliders to work for you, they may end up bending and causing more damage to your 4wd than you had hoped. We do hope we don’t do any, but kind of expect, to do a little damage when we are hitting the hard 4wd tracks but having the necessary protection will help your 4wd sustain some good impacts without causing damage, not to mention they make your 4x4 look extra tough! So let’s look at a few pointers that make a good set of rock sliders.

Where do the rock sliders mount to?

A good set of rock sliders will mount directly to the chassis and in some cases will actually mount around the chassis providing the rock slider with enough strength to support your 4wd when it is hung up on a rock or other item which would normally cause damage to your 4wd.

How many mounting points are there?

This will be specific to your vehicle but for most applications, especially long wheel base 4wd’s, you will require at least 3 to make it strong enough to stop the rock slider from bending up and hitting your 4wd sills but the more you have the stronger it will essentially be. On a Ute you probably will only require 2 as the distance is much shorter to protect the cab.

What size steel is normally used?

Most of the higher quality rock sliders will use at least 3mm thick steel for the tube itself, if it is any thinner it may dent quite easily once you start hitting rocks and logs etc. You will want thicker steel where the rock slider mounts to the chassis as there can be a lot of pressure here if you hit underneath the outer edge of your rock slider.

Bolt on or weld on?

Probably personal preference, I personally am not a welder and would prefer to bolt on my new rock sliders myself to save a couple of bucks and you always know its done right when you do it yourself. Your normally 4wd enthusiast will have rock sliders available such as ARB, TJM, Superior Engineering, Ironman, also Rocksliders on the Sunshine Cost in Queensland have some nice looking and great performing rock sliders available. However there are many different manufacturers around so do some research in your local area and you will be very likely to find some rock sliders suited to your appeal, budget and needs. If you are going to be doing some solid 4wding then I would advise you to invest in a good set of Rock sliders to protect your 4wd from any harm. They will save you money in the long run.

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