Bob Jane Settles in Court

After a Federal Court dispute, the tyre king Bob Jane, formerly of Bob Jane T-Marts, has been overturned so that he can keep doing what he does best, selling tyres.

The original argument arose between Bob Jane and his son Rodney Jane. Bob Jane, who now has nothing to do with Bob Jane T-Marts, started a new company under the name of (later changed to His son, Rodney, disputed that the new company his father started was in violation of the Bob Jane trademark.

Rodney claimed that the new website was using the Bob Jane name in a way that suggested to customers that they were dealing with Bob Jane T-Marts.

Bob Jane later sought legal advice from a man named Malcolm McClure, who was later discovered to be posing as a lawyer. Mr McClure instructed Mr Jane not to attend court, further fuelling the fire between father and son.

Justice North of the Federal Court described Mr McClure as someone who ‘demonstrated lack of understanding, only matched by his incompetence’.

Bob Jane then sought proper legal advice, who then advised him on the proper course of action.

Mr Jane has now settled the dispute by changing the name of the website to and providing a disclaimer disassociating himself and his new business with the company he helped start.

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