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From a weekend 4WD adventure with the family camping, to an extreme 4wd Roof Top Tent Experience, or an extended tour of our great country in a camper trailer, 4wdlife has you covered. We have compiled a national database of 4wd tracks right across Queensland, New South Wales and Australia. Our 4x4 track writeups include great content, Videos & images of how to drive your 4wd on the Track.

If you have a 4x4 Track you would like to share then become a member and you can write one up to share with our 4wd Community. If you would like us to feature your 4x4 Track send us an email so we can start the process. Happy 4wdn everybody!

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Cape York: Cairns to Roaring Meg Falls on the Creb

This is Day one of our trip to Cape York. We travelled up the coast from Cairns to Roaring Meg Falls on the northern end of the CREB track

Cape York: Roaring Meg Falls to Cooktown

This is Day two of our trip to Cape York!!! We travelled from Roaring Meg Falls on the CREB track to Endeavour Falls Caravan Park, near Cooktown

Cape York: Endevour Falls to Cape Mellville

This Day 3 of our trip to Cape york. We travelled from Endeavour Falls caravan park to Cape Mellville.

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» 4wd Rock Sliders

We all love 4wding but doing damage to our 4wd’s is not something we all enjoy and can be quite expensive. Rock sliders are designed to protect your 4wd from any rocks, logs and other obstac...

» Long Range Fuel Tanks Explained

A long range fuel tank will equip your 4x4 to hold a lot more fuel as it can from standard. This will enable you to drive your 4x4 much farther without seeing a fuel station. Long Range Fuel tanks...

» Lift Kits

Installing a lift kit has some great advantages, not only will your 4x4 look tougher but will also be able to tackle tougher terrain, overcome more obstacles, take you where you’ve always wa...

» 4wd High Lift Jack

High Lift Jacks are a very important accessory to have in your 4wd. Not only are they essential for jacking up your car off road but can also be used as a piece of recovery equipment such as a win...

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