Rover Trail 4wd Track

Caption:Rover Trail part 1

What to Expect

Adventure Camping Scenic Difficulty

The Rover trail 4wd Track is a must do for any 4wd enthusiast visiting Coffs Harbour. the 4wd Track goes for about 7km's and you will experience very steep hill climbs and descents, small rocky steps, deep rutts, amazing views of Coffs and great scenery.

Detailed Information

Well at 4wdlife we simply love the Rover Trail 4x4 Track at Coffs Harbour. The trail begins with a very rocky steep climb to the top of the ridge which has an amazing lookout right over Coffs Harbour and follows the ridge line back towards the Big Banana with sensational views, scrubland & patches of rainforest to traverse through. This track can be very tricky as it contains several steep sections which are rutted and clay based and can become very slippery after rain. The track can remain moist for days after. Across the track there are many hard sections of track that you can take to test out your 4x4 and we recomend having a secondary car along for the ride. High clearance and low range is required definently required on the Rover Trail 4wd track and you can most likely finish it in about 2hrs good driving.



There is no immediate camping on the trail but many places right around Coffs to camp

Getting There

Turn onto Old Coast Rd off the Highway and immidiately onto the Mountain way and follow that along until you get to a little Turn off on the left called the Rover Trail.

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