Bribie Island 4wd Beach Track

4wd-track-Bribie Island 4wd Beach Track

Caption:Some of the ww2 relics

What to Expect

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The beach on Bribie Island is a wonderful place to take your 4wd. Whether you are looking for a day trip or a week camping, Bribie is the place for you. Beautiful beaches and fresh water lagoons make it a perfect beach get away. Located only 1hr north of Brisbane, an Island getaway is made easy with a bridge across the beautiful Pumicestone Passage onto Bribie.

Detailed Information

The beach on Bribie Island is such a beautiful place to take your 4wd. Not many people realise that you can actually take your 4x4 on the beach at a place so easy to get to and close to everything. Bribie is a nice place and is so much more accessible than any other beach near Brisbane. Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island are also amazing places, but the cost of the barges make them less appealing for a short stay. You will drive past 4 freshwater lagoons as you travel up the beautiful white sandy beach. They are a great place to stop and cool off. Some of the lagoons are quite shallow so you can just watch as the kids wear themselves out ready for a nice quiet night camping or sleep on the way home. Don't be put off by the colour of the water, just think of it as swimming in a nice bath of iced tea.

Keep an eye out for the World War 2 bunkers situated just behind the dunes in some spots as you head up the beach. It is well worth looking into some of the history of the area before heading off.

Camping areas are about 16km up the beach. What a lovely way to wake up looking at the ocean and at the magnificent Moreton Island. You do need to book and get permits before you go.

The further you go north, the better the surf gets. The southern part of the island is sheltered by Moreton Island which reduces the size of the waves. There are no patrolled beaches north of the beach access.

Up the northern end of the island there is access to the inland tracks. They are often closed, but are worth a look if you can. Check out our Bribie West Side article for more information. The terrain is pretty typical for beach driving. The entry onto the sand is often soft. It would be a good idea to let your tyres down a bit to help get through this section. As with all beach driving, be sure to check the tides before you head out. At high tide you might run out of beach or, at best, be stuck driving in the soft sand.

Occasionally the freshwater lagoons will wash out into the sea, meaning you will have to drive through some water. Always be careful and be sure to check to depth of the water before attempting anything like this. That said, they are mostly pretty shallow. For peace of mind, it is usually just fresh water flowing out into the sea, so it can actually be good to wash some of the salty sand out from under your pride and joy.

Getting There

Take the Bribie Island exit on the Bruce Highway up near Caboolture. From here you only have about 20min until you cross the bridge over the beautiful Pumicestone Passage and onto Bribie. Beach access is via the northern end of north st. near Woorim. There is a nice big car park a short distance off the road. This is the perfect spot to let your tyres down to a good beach pressure.

From this car park you will have a 2km drive to the beach, up a sandy road. There is no 4wd access south of the entrance to the beach so head north and watch the speed limit. Nothing like a speeding ticket to take the fun out of a day on the beach. You are in for a great day on the beach.

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