Cape York: Cairns to Roaring Meg Falls on the Creb


What to Expect

Adventure Camping Scenic Difficulty

This is Day one of our trip to Cape York. We travelled up the coast from Cairns to Roaring Meg Falls on the northern end of the CREB track

Detailed Information

This video follows the first day of our trip to Cape York.

We set off from Cairns and headed up the coast to the magnificient Cape Tribulation drive. It is one of the best drives in Australia. 

From there we tried to enter the CREB Track at the Southern end but luckily we ran into a council worker who told us it was so bad in there he had to leave his dozer and walk out. We decided that, as much as WE think our 4B's are pretty capable, it would be best to leave the CREB Track for the trip back.

We continued on and crossed the Daintree River on the Ferry. Heading North from there we drove through the Daintree National Park and into a little town called Wujal Wujal near the Northern entrance of the CREB Track. 

We headed South down the CREB track until we came to our first campsite of the trip, Roaring Meg Falls.

Roaring Meg Falls is an amazing place to camp and the swimming is fantastic. Definitely one of the highlights of the whole trip


Getting There

Travelling from Cairns up the coast the Meg Falls on the CREB track

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