Cape York: Endevour Falls to Cape Mellville

Caption:Day 3 Cape Trip

What to Expect

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This Day 3 of our trip to Cape york. We travelled from Endeavour Falls caravan park to Cape Mellville.

Detailed Information

So day three we leave to 'Cape Melville' for our third night. Driving lots of dirt roads and a couple river crossings ( the major one being ' Kalpowar River Crossing' in the Lake Field National Park).

As we get closer to Cape Melville some of the land owners are burning off so we find ourselves driving with small grass fires either side of us!! Once we arrive at Melville the rangers check our papers & we are off for a swim in the local fresh water creek they recommend ( Note to self: the mozzies are bit fierce so swimming was cut short).

We set up camp next to the Crocodile estuary in hope of seeing one - even at night with the night vision we didn't see anything but I'm sure they were there!

Melville is well known for its high winds which is something you have to experience for yourself.. It's amazing watching how fast the clouds drift over. On the other hand we didn't get much sleep with the constant flapping of tarps and the thought we would soon take off. Mightily impressed by the Roof Toppers given what they withstood!!

The next morning just from the look on everyone's faces it was known we wouldn't be staying for the second night.. So we packed up and headed for our next stop : 'Archer River Roadhouse'.

Getting There

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