Cape York: Roaring Meg Falls to Cooktown

Caption:Day 1 Cape York Trip

What to Expect

Adventure Camping Scenic Difficulty

This is Day two of our trip to Cape York!!! We travelled from Roaring Meg Falls on the CREB track to Endeavour Falls Caravan Park, near Cooktown

Detailed Information

Day 2 of our journey starts at the amazing Roaring Meg Falls on the CREB Track. We didn't want to leave but vowed to come back on the way home. So we headed North to Cooktown and had Lunch by the water. 

Cooktown is a peaceful little town and very scenic. We spent a few hours there looking around and getting to know some of the history of the place. The little IGA was going to be the last real shop for a while so we stocked up on all the goodies we could think of.

After we'd finished at Cooktown we drove out to for the night. We had a great time in the pool cooling down and thinking of our friends and family still at home in the middle of winter.



Getting There

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