Frenchmans Track

Caption:Frenchmans Track Part 1

What to Expect

Adventure Camping Scenic Difficulty

The Frenchmans track is an amazing track through the Iron Range National Park. It is definitely one of the best tracks on the trip to Cape York

Detailed Information

The scenery on the Frenchmans track is spectacular. The creeks are beautiful and crossing them is challenging. The track cuts through the Iron Range National Park from Portland Rd near Chili Beach and comes out on the Development Rd North of Archer River Roadhouse.

The deepest water crossing is the Pascoe River. You will see it in part 2 of the video above. Depending on the time of the year the water could be over the bonnet. There is a big rock in the middle of the river to look out for. It has claimed many a diff. We had someone stand on it so the drivers knew how to get around it. The 4wd's in the video are all lifted and have bigger than standard tyres. The trip was done in early july 2012.

If in doubt about how high the water will be, check with the locals. If you can get through the Pascoe, you will be right to do the rest of the track. 



Getting There

Turn off Portland Rd about 10km before you get to Portland Roads township

OR come in from the West just north of Archer River Roadhouse

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