Mc Donalds 4x4 Track in Alpine National Park

The Mc Donalds 4wd track is a continuation of the Nobs track and it ventures into the upper reaches of the Barkly river East Branch.

This is a Pretty isolated area but it has a section of crossings where there are 8 in 800 metres. So its a lot of fun:)

Now the track is not too difficult in the dry but if it is wet you will have the creek crossings to contend with. Now these creeks can easily flood which basically makes the track impassable.

The creeks are short sharp and some have steep in and out where ground clearance is an advantage.

There is a also a large mountain Ash across the track which is too big to cut so it has been trimmed underneath to allow vehicle to drive under it to negotiate the track. vehicles with big body lifts and tyres would have difficulty fitting under it...can't drive around it. it concludes at the Bull Plain Spur Road. Not an often used section of track as there is vegetation re growth
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