The following information relates to warranties offered by 4WDLife.  Please read all the information carefully, and should you have any questions relating to any aspect of this section, then please contact 4WDLife.  By purchasing an item from 4WDLife, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions of warranty as set out herein.

Validity of Claims

  • Warranties are only valid to the original purchaser of the item in question and are valid from the original date of purchase only.
  • Warranties apply only to items sold as "new" and do not extend to any items sold via auction, or deemed to be "factory seconds", "ex-demonstration" or "damaged" unless specifically stated otherwise by 4WDLife in writing.   (Please see further on this page for more information).
  • Any warranty claims must fall within the specified warranty period.  Any warranty claims made outside the specified warranty period will be denied.
  • Any valid warranty claims approved and carried out by 4WDLife do not in any way, or under circumstances imply an extension or renewal of the warranty period either from the original date of purchase or from the date of the claim.
  • 4WDLife reserves the right to seek proof of purchase to substantiate any warranty claim and subsequently may reject any warranty claim at its discretion if such proof is unable to be provided by the original purchaser.
  • Warranties are not transferable under any circumstances.  Similarly, if an item is sold to a third party by the original purchaser, then all waranties become null and void, and the original purchaser shall make no claims or be eligible for any claims on behalf of the new owner.
  • Warranties do not apply to products purchased from 4WDLife and then used in hire schemes or as rentals.
  • 4WDLife does not cover damage due to unauthorised modifications, misuse, abuse, incorrect assembly, improper and irregular maintenance, or accident or collision.
  • Any work performed under an authorised warranty claim approved by 4WDLife must be performed by 4WDLife, or an authorised representative of 4WDLife and only with the express written permission of 4WDLife.  Any work performed under an authorised or unauthorised warranty claim without the express written permission of 4WDLife will automatically void any warranty and any future claims to warranty.  Subsequently, 4WDLife will not be liable for any costs associated with such work.
  • All transport costs and incidental expenses relating to any warranty claim, whether approved or denied, will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Any affiliates, representatives, associates, agents, suppliers, resellers or similar of 4WDLife shall have no authority to authorise or deny warranty claims on behalf of 4WDLife.
  • 4WDLife shall not be liable, (in part or whole) for any warranties, either express or implied, made by agents or resellers on behalf of 4WDLife without the knowledge or express written permission of 4WDLife. Such unauthorised claims shall be the responsibility of the agent or reseller only.

Camper Trailers

Unless stated otherwise, trailers only are covered by a 12 month limited manufacturer's warranty from the original date of purchase.

Items not covered under warranty include

  • Rust
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Paint
  • General consumables

Tents & Awnings

Tents are guaranteed to be in new merchantable condition at the time of purchase.  To this end, no warranty is extended to tents due to the varied nature of use and handling of tents and the terrain where they are used.  4WDLife can at its discretion however assist in providing repair kits in limited circumstances. If you are unsure of this, please contact one of our staff members for more information.

Zips and mesh or screens are not covered.

Factory Seconds, Ex-Demonstration and Damaged Goods

From time to time, 4WDLife may offer for sale items deemed to be "factory seconds", "ex-demonstration", or "damaged".

  • Any items sold as "factory seconds", "ex-demonstration" or "damaged" items are sold on an "as is" basis.
  • There are no warranties, refunds, credits, exchanges or similar associated with such items.  In the sale of such items, 4WDLife will attempt to provide all relevant information regarding the item, including faults, defects, or similar, however, there may be instances where minor defects or imperfections have been overlooked. This is PURELY UNINTENTIONAL and in no way alters the nature of the sale.
  • Due to the nature of such items, i.e being "ex-demonstration", "factory seconds" or "damaged", it is reasonable to expect that some imperfections or flaws may exist even where it is not initially apparent. By purchasing such an item, you agree to this statement in full and accept that there are no warranties implied or expressed.

Goods Bought At Auction

From time to time, 4WDLife, may, at its discretion, offer items for auction, either independently or via a third party.  Whilst every effort will be made to provide all relevant information regarding the item on auction, as per Australian law, any and all goods bought at auction subsequently do not carry any statuatory warranty.  Unless specifically stated in writing, an goods sold at auction by, or on behalf of 4WDLife shall carry no warranty.


If you have any further questions relating to warranties, or are unsure about any aspect of this section, then please contact us.

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